Re: [CH] Bits & Bobs

Jim Campbell (
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 23:27:49 +0000

Yes, there is an easy way to dry your peppers.  The method I have used for 
years has been to destem and then chop the peppers.  Spread these out on a 
cookie sheet about 1/2" deep (I use foil as well) and dry in your dehydrator 
(read:  oven) at 140 F for 16 to 20 hours.  They are done when they are almost 
brittle.  Turn the heat down as they near the end.  Run these through an 
Oscar (Sunbeam)-type grinder (disclaimers, etc.  but mines' done almost 1,000 
pounds now!).  Sift for fine, strain for coarse.  USE A MASK!  Others use a 
coffee mill with success.  I use an industrial sized one for the commercial 

Hope this helps!

Jim Campbell

BTW:  Had a GREAT time in Albuquerque.  Some of the neatest people you'd 
ever find!  Curt & Susie Synder made the bread buttons & they were the hit of 
the Show!  Made me good friends with the Budweiser folks.  =Mark steered the 
folks from the NY Times to our booth.  Wow!  Got to razz Mary Going though- 
guess who DIDN'T make it to the CH dinner ?? :-)  Jody & Shari Baze did all the 
research for the dinner- Thanks!  Elsa (Eeyore) handed out true CH dinner 
favors:  Hot chile powder, dried chiles, chipotles in adobado, and much more.  
Met some nice new CH folks there as well.  Still no Rael though.  Always next 
year.  Margot, Tony, Peg, Stef, Curtis & several others I've missed by now as 
well, I'm sure, were good company, too!  Can't wait till next year :-)