Re: [CH] Bits & Bobs

Jonathan T. Smillie (
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 13:05:44 -0600

At 07:46 PM 3/14/98 -0800, Randy wrote:

>It's probably been discussed on the list before, but I'd be curious to

>hear of other's experiences with people's reactions upon finding out

>we are ChileHeads.  It may be standard answers but here's a few I get:


>1) Will give you ulcers

>2) Will eat holes in your stomach

Without being too crude (I hope), and without turning this into a 

tiresome non-chile-head bashing session - BOLLOCKS! 

First of all, the active ingredient in chiles is oil-based, not acidic, and 

ulcers are routinely caused by an excess of stomach acids. In any case, 

the acids that are native to your stomach are significantly stronger than 

anything you can add to them - unless you're in the habit of imbibing 

hydrochloric acid straight ( I prefer mine with a Scotch chaser...)

Now, as to whether chiles will irritate ulcers that already exist, I wouldn't

care to disput that one...

I have also heard from others comments akin to "Do you have any

tastebuds left?" or "Can you taste anything other than the heat?" 

I'd be interested to know what others who are more scientifically 

inclined than I am know about this, but it seems to me that yes, 

my "heat" tastebuds are desensitized to lower levels of heat, but 

it doesn't seem to have affected my ability to taste and enjoy sweet,

sour, or other flavors. Anyone care to elaborate on this?




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