[CH] Chile woes (fwd)

Susan Byers (chilewmn@bluemarble.net)
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 10:09:17 -0500 (EST)

I have resent this message numerous times. Now I will try
forwarding it. I hope it deos not suddenly appear multiple
times. My apologies if it does. 

Apparantly this earlier message never got through. Since my box is flooded
with opinions on Jim's post about my situation, I thought I should resend

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Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 18:17:56 -0500 (EST)
From: Susan Byers <chilewmn@bluemarble.net>
To: chile heads <Chile-Heads@globalgarden.com>
Subject: Chile woes

Well, I was going to keep silent about my trials and tribulations but I
have to say 1998 has not started off well for The Chile Woman. First there
was the mammoth battle with UPS (resolved), second the new potato beetle
quarantine (in process of resolution), and thirdly, the bulk mail fiasco. 
I have jumped through hoops, unsnarled red tape, filled out endless forms,
begged and pleaded and been thoroughly inspected. With the unflagging
support of the Indiana ag agents and state entymologists and plant
patholgists (thanks guys!) I think the special permits will come through
for almost every state. Only one state has turned me down: Utah. Only 7
states are still in process and they have given me every indication that I
will be able to ship, especially since I already meet the Japanese beetle
restrictions. These states cannot offically issue me a permit until I pass
another inspection in April, which I feel is a formality at ths point. 
Ironically, being an organic farmer has worked against me on this. 
Another point of irony: this new quarrantine is for the Colorado potato
beetle, yet Colorado has one of the strictest rules against shipping in
plants. Even moving vans are supposed to be stopped and inspected for
houseplants at the state border. Hmmm.....for large scale commercial
growers, I imagine this rule is an inconvenience. I really feel it is a
knd of death knell to the Mom and Pop nursery. 
But rest assured I will be ready to ship in May (except to UTAH!)
Deciding to use bulk mail was obviously a mistake. I will remail catalogs
to all who requested to be on the 1998 mailing list. They will go out
tomorrow with a first-class stamp. 
I beg you forgiveness for my mmailing mishaps, ask for your paitence and
apologize for putting this sob story on the list.
Susan Byers
The Chile Woman