[CH] Problems drying chiles.

Shad Donald Christian Munson (capsicums@juno.com)
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 20:51:29 EST

I dry my own chiles, and tonight my mother (I'm 18 I still live at home)
cooked Manicotti in a aluminum pan I had dried my chiles on, with out
running it through the dish washer (she removed it from the sink, and
rinsed it).  This is not the first incident, as the same happened with
cookies before (very good might I add, Habanero Cookies).  It also
happened in the blender with waffles, (yummy!).  But it seems that if I
don't cut out drying my chiles I might be forced to vacate the premisses,
so to my question; How much do commercial dryers run for?   Anyone got
any info??  E-mail me privately.  Many Thanks Shad.

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