[CH] Hab germination

Lindstrom, Rick (rlind@nettally.com)
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 08:43:31 -0500

Greetings All-

A question for you germination gurus out there-

I've successfully grown many of the more common chile varieties from seed,
and decided to try starting some habs this year since the seeds are now
easily available. Armed with a package of seeds from Burpee, I prepared a
flat and planted 18 seeds (I only want a couple of plants. In the past,
starting this many seeds would give me far and away enough seedlings).

Exactly 1 (one) seed germinated after what seemed to be rather a long time,
and that seedling doesn't look all that hot (no pun intended).

So, to the question: what did I do wrong?


Rick Lindstrom                           
Tallahassee, FL