Re: [CH] How far north ?
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 09:35:20 +1000

I actually get a bit further south.  Hobart in Tasmania (in the land of Oz)
is at 42 deg 87' south.

This leaves me with a reasonably short growing season.  This year I've
experimented with hydroponics under glass (actually polythene tunnel) but
don't use any lights.  Seems to be pretty successful so far, although the
fruit is still to ripen so I can't comment on the heat value of them.

Anyone else out there using hydroponics to grow their chiles, and if so,
any tricks/hints to pass on?

Cheers to all


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Subject: [CH] How far north ?
Author: at DAS-EMAIL
Date:    08/3/98 17:12

 -=> Quoting Brian Thompson to All <=-

 BT> I think I must be one of the most southern members of the CH list at
 BT> approx 45 deg 55' S but was wondering at what latitude the northern
 BT> most member resides ??
 BT> Dunedin, NZ.

I'm in subarctic Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories in
Canada at 62
deg N. Anyone "above" me?

                                        Jim Weller, [jweller at ssimicro
                                        dot com]

... Yellowknife - Land of two seasons: July and Winter.