Re: [CH] Fragrant garden festival

Tony Davidson (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:20:17 +1000

> Did You Say Baseball ,Are they of tender years Over 35 and
> coming to play in our masters in coffs harbour ?? 

Some are - some aren't.  When's the masters on - I'll mention it to 
the pensioners oops I mean tenderly aged players in the club.  I 
assume heaps of amber fluid will help to sooth the tired muscles 
during the day?

> Sorry about the Franglais Late at night and well plied with wine
> from Michael's cellar as well as some i brought . TQ hot not bad
> but as you say the Chile Beer was not great stuff (and certainly
> not at that price) 

Got good results from really finely ground habs put direct in normal 
beer - heaps cheaper too.

> Sauces -yep can't say as I was impressed with the prices as
> James Meshgin the Importer manning the stall told me that he
> didn't sell direct to the Public and if that was his Idea of
> Recomended Retail, Well
> not this little black duck .Place your orders here as mum has
> booked my ticket to Houston Tx for the 16 th October
> ,Frantically saving spending money !
> Girlfriends?
> Expecting to have more than one next year ? <g>
> P.S. I had the Tabasco T shirt on .
> 				   luke In Oz

Might take you up on offer to get a sample from Houston - have to 
give some thought (and my head doesn't feel like thinking at the 

Think in the meantime I'll keep playing around making my own sauces.

Think I might have seen a dude with a tobassco shirt on - can't put a 
face to the shirt though.

Can comment on the "girlfriends"....

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