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Doug Irvine (dirvin@bc.sympatico.ca)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 20:45:21 -0800

Well, Phil et al, when we lived in in the Okanogan, in Kelowna, famed for
apples and other fruit, we grew tomatoes and lots of other stuff, and the
best crops we ever had, were planted in rows that ran north and south...now
further to what I wrote before, about whether it makes a diference or not,
I do know people who will not sleep any other way, than east and west, or
north and south, I still think that the plants, if getting enough sun, and
moisture will thrive  in either direction, and if you have lousy growing
conditions, eg too much rain, or too much sun, then I still dont think it
makes a lot of difference...chiles are a sub tropical plant and they like a
lot of sun, and also because their fruit contains a lot of water, they must
have the right amount of moisture(not like MIke's stuff that drowned in
California). Anyway, now that I live in a high rise apt building, and only
have a deck that faces north, I only grow parsley, bay leaf, basil and
mint, alas, no chile, I buy em! Cheers, Doug in BC