[CH] lost in cyberspace

Dave Hendricks (bvdrangs@enter.net)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 06:03:34 +0000

Talk about being out of touch, I got CH 345, 349, 354,356 and 357 on 
March 19th (actually downloaded March 20)
344 came March 7, 350 came the 13th, 351 on the 14th and 353 on the 
17th.  I'm not sure where the rest are.  It has been real tough 
reading it that way and getting responses to messages I never saw in 
the first place.  The real winner was a message I sent on March 9th 
that took 10 days to get back to me on the digest.  I saw it and 
forgot that I even wrote it.  Maybe the best way to read it when on 
the digest would be to check the archives every day and read the 
current posting, then delete all that come through email. This way I 
could stay current and remain on the list.

Dave Hendricks
BVD'Rangs..a wholly owned subsidiary of David Hendricks Woodworking