[CH] Emus & some chile stuff

Kevin Crooks (csckec@terraworld.net)
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 23:01:01 -0600

Oddly enough, southeast Kansas has become a hot bed of Emu ranching.  I 
know a bunch of guys who made big bucks selling breeding pairs of Emus.  I 
also know a bunch of guys who have lost their butts.  Apparently there is 
still little commercial market for the meat, but the oil & leather seems to 

Chile related stuff to stay on topic--  My 3 y.o. habs didn't make it 
through this winter.  Really disappointing.  I'm not entirely sure what 
went wrong.  These plants were transplanted back and forth a couple of 
times, maybe the last time the shock was just too much.  I think I'll keep 
the potted ones in the pots and let the ones in the garden go this year. 
 Since my non-CH wife left I'm going to expand both variety and quantity of 
peppers planted in the garden this year.

I found a baste recipe & would appreciate some input.  What can I 
substitute for some of this vinegar?

4 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
2 cups vinegar
6 chipotles
3 TB cumin
2 TB cracked peppercorns

Simmer & reduce quantity to 1/3.

Seems too vinegary for my tastes.  Haven't tried it with any other peppers. 

Kevin Crooks

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