[CH] I mue, you mue, we all Emu......

Linda Reynolds (lr21@cornell.edu)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:48:46 -0500 (EST)

...O.K., I just couldn't resist. Here I am, wasting time at work waiting
for the weekend to start and I come across this tidbit.  Although it is not
chile related (I said *the* word so it is on topic, no?), it is related to
this thread.

People Magazine, March 30th edition on the Chatter page (last page before
back cover)

...ET TU, EMU?

" Sure, Texas cattlemen lost their suit claming that Oprah Winfrey had
defamed beef--but that didn't intimidate another group from the Lone Star
State:  emu farmers.  Seven of them have sued American Honda Motor Company
for $75,000 each over a TV commercial that poked fun at emus as "the pork
of the future."  The ad "was telling America that emu are a sham," argues
plantiff Carlos Burleson of Dodge, Texas, who owns more than 2,300 emus, an
ostrich like bird.  "Honda was selling cars at our expense."  Honda has
asked that the case be dismissed, particularly on the ground that, hey,
it's a joke: "No one," says a company spokesman, "would take it seriously."

......I say, fire up the grill, hoist out the peppers, pop open a brew and
cook that bird!