[CH] Pepper Seedlings

JeffJCOA (JeffJCOA@aol.com)
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 21:16:08 EST

Some questions from a first time pepper grower...

I have a bunch (~90) of pepper seedlings that are just starting to develop
their "true" leaves.  I started them in peat "6 packs", which are about 2.5" x
2.5" x 2.5" deep.

As they get bigger, will I need to move them to individual 4" peat pots, or
will they be OK staying in the 6 packs until I transplant them outside?  If
they are transferred into individual pots, are those pots filled with seed
starting mix (like the 6 packs), or do I use a potting soil?

We've successfully fended off the first round of "damping off".  Luckily, only
about 25% of the seedlings in a single flat were affected.  I yanked out the
wilting ones.  Not sure which of 2 different fungicides to use, I took the
"male" approach and used a full strength mix of both of them.  Nuked those
buggies good!  Lost about 2 more plants over the next day or so after spraying
them, then no more.  I removed the plastic covers from the flats & am trying
to keep them better ventilated & not so wet.  So far, so good.

Thanks for any advice,

Jeff Johnson