[CH] Seed leaves / Debugging ;)

MidNite RamBler (nkal@hol.gr)
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 14:34:02 +0200

Hi to all,

what is supposed to happen to seed leaves? I mean are they supposed to grow old
and die or is their presence only temporary? 

More and more of my seedlings' seed leaves are turning yellow and fell to the
ground making a terrible noise :)

The seedlings only have one set of small true leaves that seem pretty healthy
and green although the growing process seems to be awfully slow. It's been
almost 4 weeks since germination. Is this normal?

On another topic , I saw a couple of very small (maybe smaller than a pinhead)
bugs on the soil surface. They were very light brown in color , almost white
and their shape was a bit round with very short legs all around. Now that I
think about it they looked like small pinheads with legs. Any ideas ? 
Should I buy a shotgun?