RE: [CH] San Antonio Restaurants

Stober, Karen E, SITS (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 07:16:01 -0500

>Any good recommendations for restaurants in San Antonio for the Final Four
>this weekend?
>Jim in Tucson

I would suggest Little Rhine Steakhouse on the Riverwalk (pricey, may
have a dress code but very good) and The San Antonio River Mill (Pioneer
Mills) at the far end of the Riverwalk (open for breakfast and lunch
daily, may have a line at peak times).  The restaurants at El Mercado
are very good, also, but very fattening and salty.  Their Mexican food
uses lard, real, heavy sour cream and fresh avocados.  The best food
I've found is from the sidewalk mom-pop-and kids vendors of homemade
tortillas and fillings.  I had the napalitos (pickled prickly pear
cactus) soft tortilla.  In the grocery stores check out the soft
tortillas with red chile powder added.  If you love pumpkin you will
find a great deal of it in candy and desserts, such as pastries.

Karen E. Stober in Warren, New Jersey