Re: [CH] Nopalitos?

David Cook (
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 08:33:40 -0800

Phil Cody wrote:

> >While browsing through some Mexican recipe's, I came across a
> requirement
> >for "one can or bottle of Nopalitos". There is no other mention of
> them in
> >the book, so can somebody please tell me what they are?
> They are the fleshy part of the flat, oval shaped pad (leaf) from the
> Opuntia cactus.  The thorns are scraped or cut off before preparation.
> They are an interesting vegatable additive to recipes.  The canned
> ones are
> a common item in grocery stores in some parts of the US.  In some
> markets
> fresh ones can be found in the fresh produce isle.   Hope this helps.

Less technically, they're called prickly pear cactus. Most are young,
tender ones before the spines have gotten too hard. Fresh ones are not
that uncommon in the Southwest and Southern California.

David Cook