[CH] Tanx for the nops

Paul Richards (paular@zoo.co.uk)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 02:31:49 +0000

Thanks for all the replies regarding nopalitos. It is quite handy, as my
flat mate is off to San Francisco in two weeks, so I am giving her a list
of things I would like her to bring back (tins of tomatillos, chipotles in
adobo & now I hope, some nopalitos!). By the way way, are nopalitos the
things that look more like your average cactus leaf (ie. roundish with
spikes on all surfaces), or are they more like agave (maguey?) leaves.

Anyway, you folks are lovely and helpful, it was nice to receive a mail box
full of replies, when I haven't even received the digest that I presume my
question was in!

Peace, love & heat


(with a few beers inside him, to accompany the garlic & green chilli
chicken masalla (sp?) I had for dinner)