RE: [CH] Nopalitos?

Bloechl, Sharen Rund (
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 07:36:30 -0800

	Hi All

	I have a problem with semantics described below:

	Nopalitos are indeed a cactus leaf which has been cleaned & peeled
then diced [usually] and/or cut into strips - it's available canned as well
as fresh (around here) - it tastes interesting (can't really compare it to
anything - its in a league of its own) & is great w/scrambled eggs

	Prickley Pear Cactus is the fruit of the cactus - every spring the
cactus flowers [wonderful exotic aroma], part of the flowering portion
remains and grows to the size of [about] a tennis ball - in later summer,
the fruit starts turning pink-to-red - this is picked, cleaned, peeld &
served as a fruit - it tastes rather like watermelon & is quite yummy

	Hi Paul

	Nopalitos are strips of prikley pear cactus .

	My neighbors mother in law made nopales which is a type of stew
	this cactus. Quite tasty.

	The local grocery store sells this as whole cactus which then has to

	have the thorns removed. the store also carries  a product called 
	nopalitos "natural tender cactus" by Embasa 32 oz. for $1.19

	In So. Cal. U.S.A