[CH] Habanero questions

Wed, 25 Mar 1998 20:27:46 EST5EDT4,M4.1.0,M10.5.0

Hi folks, a few habanero questions for those who know about them:

1.  Is there a difference between green, yellow, orange, and red colored
habs?  I bought all of the above at the local supermarket.  Flavor or heat 

2.  The Red Savina: is it a true natural form of hab, or was it genetically
created by that fellow in CA (from GNS Spices)? 

3.  What is a TRUE heat rating range on a typical red savina?  I have seen
one that measured 577,000 Scovilles, but that was likely the hottest theyy
could find.  I have seen figures of "500,000", 350,000-500,000, etc..
anyone have a reliable source of info on that?

4.  As I add more and more hab powder (about 1-2 tablespoons per dish of 
pasta or whatever im eating) per meal, i  find my stomach sometimes feeeling
it!  This lasts for a few hrs of more sometimes.  Can this be prevented, or
is it inevitable w/ increasing amts of cap?  

5.  Has anyone tried exercising after a hot meal?  I find that it just makes
my stomach feel uneasy and kind of "upset"....any experiences like this?
ANy tips on how to enjoy hot meals AND exercise, AND still not kill my
stomach in the process?

Thanks folks...

HOpefully some of you folks will have the answers to some of this.

Take care,

Brad Charbonneau