[CH] Possible (cheap) sources for dried/powdered/flaked chile

Rick (rick1@i1.net)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:18:27 -0600

Stopped at the local library in St Louis and found about 10 pages of
major chile producers across the USA. The book set was called "Thomas'
Food Industry Register". Its a heavy 3 volume set of red books in the
reference section of the library. The call numbers are " R 658.86
T463". Ask your local reference librarian to help you find this book.
It's got %^&* loads of food supplier resources. If your local library
doesn't carry it, ask your librarian to do an "inter-library loan". This
usually doesn't cost anything and will get you the use of the books for
a couple of weeks so you can track down some of those ellusive supliers.

Here's an address of an advertiser that seemed to have a wide selection
of dried forms of chiles.

Woodland Foods
2011 Swanson Ct
Gurnee IL  60031
(847) 625-8600
(847) 625-5050 FAX

They advertise; Hab, Amazon,Ancho,California,De Arbol, Pasilla
Negro,Chipotle,Guajillo, "and many more".

I haven't called them yet to see what their minimum quantities are or
what the prices are like. But past experience buying bulk protein to
make the equivalent of the protein shake mixes found in mall-stores like
GNC worked out to about 1/5 the cost. But I had to buy in 40 pound bags
and store the stuff in a freezer. So if something similar works out and
and I have to buy 100 lbs of Hab' dust, is there anybody interested in
going in on a bag with me?

BTW, I screwed up and forwarded a previous message about phone scams to
the group. My apologies for the SPAM.

Rick Deckard
St Louis Mo