[CH] oops!

Judy Howle (howle@ebicom.net)
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:42:32 -0600

Sorry gang, I sent the last message to the wrong address!!  Please ignore.

I have about 35 NM 6-4 seedlings, and a couple of other varieties just
coming up. I have planted habs, 3 varieties of Jalapenos, thanks to fellow
chile-heads, lemon drop, ancho, NM Bailey Pequin and a couple others I can't
remember right now.  (Got a late start this yr.)  I finally got the garden
tilled 10 days ago.  It actually let up on the rain for over a week, praise
be to El Grande!  Now if it will do the same thing in early May so I can
till it again and plant, I will be overjoyed!