Re: [CH] Important phone scam info. got this thru the chile-head

David A. Verbil (
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:07:52 -0700

    You got me there... I should have thought it through. The 
problem does exist at work because the way the pbx works - but 
who at home has a pbx? I stand corrected.

> > Ray,
> >     I feel the way you do about urban legends. But this tale is
> > _not_ a legend. I work at Intel, and the Information Technology
> > folks there recently verified the reality of this scam.
> >                                                         DAVe
> Nope.  Sorry, check out
> Bottom line is that if you run a PBX system that uses #90 as an opening to a long
> distance line, you may have a problem.  Otherwise you don't.