Re: [CH] Emu...Stunted Ostrich???
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 19:54:06 -0600 (CST)

Ed wrote:

>If I can remember correctly, an Emu is rather like the runt of the litter in
>the flightless " Big F**'g Birds". Runs like all get out and stands no more
>than about 3FT tall.
>Brown Meat?? Or some white?[ Gawd...what a straight line!!]
>BTW: I am still awaiting for some CHer in Anzack -land to [ jokingly ] come
>up w/ Long-pig and Hab dinner recipe<g>

>Ed Calvert

Actually, every full grown Emu I have seen is taller than I and I'm about
5'5". It is red meat that tastes very similar to beef when marinated and
cooked at a medium or medium rare temp;too well, too tough, because the fat
content is as low as chicken. They are also pretty friendly birds but do
have big claws and could kick the ---- out of you if you held them wrong,
but not nearly as mean as an ostrich.  Good eatin'!!  The bird that is 3FT
tall and of the same Ratite family is called a Rhea (I think).

Michelle in K.C.