Re: [CH] Emu (AKA The Thread That Would Not Die!)

Allen L Marshall (
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 17:45:35 -0500

I think this story may be appreciated here.  There's a "farm" with some
emus and rheas here in the GA mountains.  For several months various people
have been telling me that this guy sells his emus for food, oil, and
leather.  Well, I finally had a chance to stop in this past Saturday.  I
went into the office and asked if he could sell me a cut of emu (since I
don't want to buy a whole bird if I don't like it/can't eat it).

He gave me an odd look.  It was the kind of look that I give to people who
try to convince me that the dog is a fine animal for food.  It turns out
that this was a petting zoo, not a farm.  So, it looks like I'll be waiting
a while to try emu sate and emu chili...

Allen Marshall