RE: [CH] What Is Guajillo Chile?

Michael Schapansky (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 20:40:19 -0600


Here in Austin, Guajillos are a staple. All the grocery stores have them,
along with Anchos, chile negros and other dried chilis.  If you have HEB
stores, they have them in stock.  You might try some of the Mexican
supermarkets, you could pick up a whole hog head for barbacoa too!

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> Mary,
> Hello.  Can you help me?  I'm trying to find out about a chile I'm not
> familiar with.  It's called the Guajillo chile.  Could it be
> known by another
> name?  I'm wanting to make Tacos Al Pastor and have only come up with one
> recipe for it so far and it uses Pasilla chiles and Gaujillo
> chiles and so far
> I haven't found anyone who knows what it is.  Or, just as good would be
> another recipe for Tacos Al Pastor if you know where there is one.  I'd be
> greatful for any info on this.
> Much thanks,
> Mike in Houston