[CH] Potting Soil

Bill and Linda Moats (moats@valint.net)
Sat, 04 Apr 1998 08:48:56 -0800

Hi all -
In the past, for no good reason, I've sort of thought that potting soil
was potting soil and any differences among the commercial products would
be small. Was I ever wrong!
This year I started some early chiles in plastic pots, some in K-Mart
potting soil and some in soilless potting soil from Peaceful Valley Farm
Supply which I had bought to use with their speedling trays (trays with
pyramidal, open bottom cells). Well I forgot that I had used two
different soils but noticed that some plants were growing great and
others much, much more slowly. I didn't pay much attention until the
difference between like types of chiles was extreme. The bottom
line....the soilless potting soil worked way better.
Fortunately, our main crop of chiles in speedling trays with the right
potting soil and the good seeds from Tough Love Chile Co. is doing

Bill Moats
"Everything an end but the chile which has two"