[CH] Blue Cornmeal

lukasz (lukasz@midcoast.com.au)
Sun, 05 Apr 1998 18:54:29 +1000

While down at the Fragrant Garden Chile Festival (which my
kidney's are still recovering from) I ran across some Blue Corn
Chips , Do any Oz Ch's know where I can Purchase some Blue Corn
meal from in Oz ,as I would like to make some Chips to take to a
party from time to time . 
Weather here in Coffs Harbour is still Summerery 32 c today
/Played the First game of our Winter BaseBall yesterday 34 c sad
to say the Mighty Bluesox C grade team lost to the Toormina
Dodgers 5-3 /*&#$%$%@$-
Batting .500 though myself,they had a new Pitcher who pitched
some Gas 
Line drive to me and one dropped third strike that I made Base
on ,Just luckey there ........!
Back on topic Habs still turning Colour ,Jalapenos dissapointing
this yr as were Serranos .Tomatillos were small up here zim
Birds still showing fruit /Pullas going well /Night time temps
down to 22c .........
El Nino strikes Again 
Just had snack of Mushroom cups fried in Butter slowly ,filled
with Blue Cheese and some of Jim Campbells Apple Smoked Red Habs
sprinkled in ,topped with some lightly fried leg Ham salted and
freshly ground black peppered- Home ALone again <G> 
Got to Admit Jims Apple Smoked red Habaneros Do Go A long way
Not Ashamed to Give Jim A free Plug -as He sent a Most Generous
Sample for Approval .Indianna may well be on the Itinerary for
October Visit
,Out to Sea Fishing tomorrow with a mate , ,
					   Luke in Oz