[CH] When in doubt...

Schoenbacher, Anton (Anton.Schoenbacher@wwireless.com)
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 09:06:00 -0700

     So I've been following the posts about how long chili will last 
     in the fridge after its been made.  I have always been one to 
     push the limits of 'old' food in my fridge.  Yesterday started as 
     a normal day, got up, got my lunch ready to take to work with me 
     (it just happened to be some chili that I thawed out about 4 or 5 
     days ago).  Had a regular morning at work, ate lunch, the 
     afternoon seemed fine as well.  At about 2:30 I started to feel a 
     little strange, by 3:00 I felt absolutely horrible, like there 
     was a heard of rats running around in my belly.  By 4:00 I was at 
     home feeling really bad still and by 6 I was getting back to 
     'normal'.  Needless to say I am now an advocate of 'when in doubt 
     ... throw it out !'