[CH] IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandor, Gagyi (vulcan@logitec.ro)
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 19:46:16 -0400

    We are a group of people whu adores the chilly peppers.
We are from Bistrita, Romania, and our names are:
Csaba, Annamaria, Camelia and Sandor.
    Since here, in Romania or even in the Eastern Europe, their
isn't any kind of extremlly hot chilly pepper, as HABANEROS, and
neither other derived product, with all the respect, we would like to
ask you to help us to obtain some seeds of HABANEROS for our own culture.
   Those whu can help us with any information abaout the way that
we can procure the seeds, mail contact, use by E-mail at the following
address: vulcan@logitec.ro

						Thank you