[CH] Drywall as a Gypsum Application

Thu, 9 Apr 1998 22:43:32 -0400

Phil Cody (wpcody@mindspring.com ) wrote he had been given advice to use
broken up drywall as a gypsum application for garden soil.

This probably would not work well in the short term since "gypsum board" or
drywall is made of calcium sulfate hemihydrate (Plaster of Paris) which is
insoluble in water.  The calcium would not be very readily available until
there had been a lot of weathering.  I guess it could not hurt anything to
put broken up drywall in the garden and may even supplement calcium
eventually, but there are quicker, more effective ways to do it.  The best
gypsum to use in the garden would be Terra Alba, which is the dihydrate.

George Nelson