Re: [CH] hello buffalo wings

Doug Irvine (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 20:28:11 -0700

Mark Anderson wrote:
> Hello Heads,
> I have heard from multiple people that in northwest PA there is a place,
> might be in Youngstown. They claim to have the hottest wings in the
> midwest.  Not sure of a nome maybe someone else knows?
> See y'all
> MA
Well, away back in the fifties, Youngstown used to have the hottest
steel mills, and the hottest bars, but I dunno about chile and chicken
wings...that is the first place that I ever tasted pizza, in 1954, how
about that, but I had already been exposed to hot chile and Mex food in
LA long before...that is how far back I go with hot chile!Hope you can
find a few places, times MUST have changed!.Cheers, Doug in BC