Re: [CH] Curly leaves? / Pepper Diseases

PepperGrow (
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 06:53:41 EDT

Richard Schwaninger recently posted & asked:

<<"...So, now the problem.  Some of the plants, mostly the Thai's have a few
which are curling up at the edges.  They are not dried out, they are just
curling.  On the underside there are little bumps, I would describe them as
"wart-like".  Also some of the leaves are turning yellow.

What am I doing wrong with these?  Are they under-nourished, infected with
fungus or something like that?  Are they just wanting to go out-doors?

I hope someone can give me a few hints here as to what I need to do.  I
certainly appreciate any help and thank you all in advance...".>>

Well Richard, it sounds like your some of your pepper plants might have come
down with "Bacterial Spot of Pepper".

One of the better sources of info on the Web on this problem (with pictures)
is Ohio State University Extension Plant Pathology's Publication - HYG-3123-96
- Bacterial Spot of Pepper at:

Further, for additional 'quick links' to other Pepper Disease Web Resources,
you may want to try:

So hope this helps!

Thanks!  :-)