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I haven't been to Sharon, PA for over a year now.  It sounds like you did the same thing I did with the Atomic wings.  Hold your lips in the beer!!!!  Man that beer was sweet and cool!  I think the hot brings out the malt in beer and why it tasted sweeter than normal.  I think it was a Sam Adams Porter which would explain lots of malt.  I should have known that would happen since I brew my own.  I'd definitely recommend something light like a Corona or Bud.  They aren't good for anything else, ya know!  Either way, the only way to help the hot is with plenty of celery and some kind of a milk-based product.

There is a place here in Southwest Ohio called BW3s that has pretty good wings and a large selection of beer.  Loud, but an OK place to bring the family as long as you sit away from the bar area.  They have places in the Dayton and Cincinnati area.

I too have grown habs, chiltepins, and Thais.  That was about two years ago.  I had so many that I had to freeze and dry them.  Still have plenty left.


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Hey Jim--My inlaws live in Dayton--get there frequently.  I have to amen your
assessment of Quaker Steak and Lube!  I love it and go there whenever I can
get up to visit my brother in Youngstown.  They not only have some pretty hot
wings, but the "Atomics" are habanero-based and are searing.  That was my
first introductinon to the habanero pepper.  I remember stripping the meat off
one of those dudes and immediately sinking my lips into my full cold
relieveing beer, and just sitting there, lips in beer, waiting for the burn to
dissipate. LOL. I now grow my own habs (among other varieties) and make my own
sauces.  QS&L's garlic wings are delicious too, but not hot.