[CH] Drywall, growbags and hab plates

Cameron Begg (begg.4@osu.edu)
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 08:43:41 -0500

Hi C-H's -

>name "Terra Alba" means "White Earth.

Yes it does George. Just an excuse to get a joke in. Also note whiteness of
chalk deposits as in the "White Cliffs of Dover".

Diane Cavallero in Belgium wrote:

>>Any advice as to the best books for growing peppers in containers?

Yes, Diane. You don't need books! In European supermarkets and garden shops
they sell "tomato grow bags" which are perfect for peppers too. Just lay
them outside on something flat and grow away. Belgium is pretty cool and
dismal. You might want to consider glass or plastic sheet around your

Boz wrote:

>Saw a yellow BMW with Ohio (I think) plates here in Colorado yesterday.
>Plates said HABNERO or HABNRO.
>Anybody wanna fess up ???

Not mine Boz :-)  but I have seen it here in Columbus.

                     Regards,               Cameron.