RE: [CH] Restaurants, San Diego and Tijuana

Bloechl, Sharen Rund (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 06:51:40 -0700

the chicken liver & water chestnut wrapped in bacon & broiled till bacon is
done is called ramaki - & its great as is or with soya sauce on it
(especially soya sauce w/extra "hot" seasoning added to it. . .yum!

as for menudo & chittlin's/chitterlings you can keep both - yuk - once
someone ruined a perfectly good French ragout I was making by throwing in
some chittlin's - more yuk - they do not turm me on, but I do like
chicken/turkey heart, giblets, etc

Sharen Rund Bloechl

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	PYRAMID2 wrote:
	> In a message dated 98-04-13 11:05:49 EDT, you write:
	> <<  haven't yet come across menudo tacos (there's always something
	>  learn!), but a steaming bowl of menudo with the appropriate
	>  isn't called the "Breakfast of Champions" without good reason.
	> That really sounds good, does anyone have a good recipe for the
menudo tacos?
	> would you serve them in corn tortiallas, I would imagine? also
what about the
	> liquid broth, or do you cut back on that?
	> Alda

	I ever have a good recipe for chicken Hawaii called pu
	or POO Poos Or whatever you want to call them as long as you dont
	doing them  Chicken livers wrapped in bacon with a half a water
	and a half a chile...your choice! MM good, but menudo, Oh No!! Doug