Re: [CH] Jalapeno seasoning

Alexandra Soltow (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:06:23 -0400

Cameron Begg wrote,

>"Add the salt to the food separately."
>This from a chef?

over the saltiness of a dish than if one uses salt separate from the
seasoning. It's not a matter of salt being a bad thing: it's a matter of
adjusting the taste. I had a near disaster at work (I cook lunch at a
school) because of an unordered  substitution of one brand of chili powder
for another, which happened to contain salt. Fortunately, I tasted the
stuff before pouring it into the meat, and made the necessary changes.

BTW, I *know* that chili powder is not the ideal form of El Grande, but one
must pick one's concessions in accordance with the working conditions.....


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