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At 06:48 PM 4/15/98 -0700, Doug Irvine wrote:
>YEAH...and vive la difference!!! And no, I dont speak French(except
>swear)(but then I do that in German and Spanish as well!)But, like Wow
>what a difference between that stuff loaded with all sorts of whatever
>and a little bit of chile and comino, and those other great chili
>powders, which are made from REAL chile peppers ground up and mixed..
>how do people get along with this stuff if they have ever tasted
>anything better, like Calvin's or Jim Campbell's(which I have yet to
>experience)Cheers, and get hotter, Doug in BC

Go for the Apple Smoked Habanero powder!  I got a small jar at the Fiery
Foods Festival over a month ago and have been using it regularly in soups
and stews, and have only gone thru about a quarter of it.  A bit about the
size of a wooden match head heats up a large bowl of soup respectably!


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