[CH] Attention Big Lots shoppers!

Linda Reynolds (lr21@cornell.edu)
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 08:53:37 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

Just a note to those who have found chile bargins at Big Lots/Odd Lots, I
have once again found a chile related item there for purchase.

They have all sorts of patio lights @ 4.99.  I was bound and determined
that there must be something there for me, and alas, there was!  Amongst
the fishy ones, the western ones with cowboy boots (I liked them too),
there was a set with red and green chiles with red and green bottles of hot
sauce between!  These are bigger than the ones that I have that are covers
over Christmas lights.  I would say that the bottles and chiles are around
3-3 1/2 inches long.

.......gotta have them things!  Ya know, there is a fine line between tacky
and kewl.....I pride myself on being right on the edge!

Hey Rael darlin' might I buy you a string for yer cave and kick my shoes
off at the door to  partake in some salsa Twister?  I see you have gotten a
number of nods and offers since your cute mug was posted.......just think
what kind of response you would get if'n you were to have a picture taken
of you with a chile betwixt yer teeth, body slathered with
salsa.....<shudder>.......whadda say?  I'd jump directly to Netscape if
Mary posted that info to the list!

Oh, and BTW, I think that I may even get the garden tilled this weekend. It
is Spring here in upstate NY.  Got some horseradish roots planted from my
FIL.  He whipped up a batch yesterday that would absolutely take your
fillings out!  One small whif, not even directly over the jar and not a
large inhale took the top of my head off.........Ya know, once your brain
is gone, you hardly miss it!