[CH] Triple Bypass cheese biscuits -- CH version

J. B. Cattley (jbc@mpx.com.au)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 15:06:26 +1000


8 oz Strong cheddar
5 oz Lard yes lard. No subs.
8 oz Plain flour
Salt, pepper, cayenne -- to taste (hold off, it gets better)

Grate cheese and lard.  Add seasonings.  Beat until creamy.  Stir in
flour.  Pipe finger-length width biscuits onto ungreased trays. They don't
spread at all, so pack 'em in.
Cook at 200 degrees C for 15-20 minutes, or until they look done.

Notes: Use the strongest cheese you can lay your hands on.  If it bends,
don't bother. I always use NZ epicure or equivalent.  If all else fails,
substitute half with blue cheese (Stilton is nice for this).

Sounds fairly ordinary, right? (yummy bix, BTW) Anyone out there remember
Wizz Fizz? Take the finished biscuits and a jar of your favourite powder.
Use your imagination. (gotta get me some Calvin's)

I used the mix I made from some yellow ajis, a few habs and a whole lot of
those orange ones they were selling at the festival down at Erina. (smell
just like tomato plants, what were they called again?)

This is so cool.