[CH] I met 'the man'

Schoenbacher, Anton (Anton.Schoenbacher@wwireless.com)
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 23:18:00 -0700

          Its saturday morning (late) and I'm shaking off 
          what's left of my hangover from the bbq last night. 
          My good buddy calls me and says he has to go into 
          Bellevue (Seattle suburb) for a couple of things.  
          I says 'well since we're gonna be over there we 
          HAVE to go to Dixies BBQ and meet the man'.  Even 
          though I just ate breakfast, I could still make 
          more room.  You have to see this place to 
          appreciate it, its the only bbq/autoshop I have 
          ever seen.  A few tables in the parking lot, I'm in 
          line deciding on my poison and was interupted by a 
          way thick southern accent, it took me a while to 
          realize what was said to me.  I orderd my 
          sandwhich, as I noticed a whole freezer devoted to 
          ice cream bars ?  seems kinda strange I thought.  
          We were outside eating when some guy askes me if I 
          know the man.  I said no, as I notice the cast iron 
          pan in his hand, the contents of which is 'the 
          man', he takes about 1/2 teaspoon on my sandwhich 
          and says for me to taste a TINY bit first.  OH YEAH 
          !!!  My weekend is complete, got another spoonful 
          on my sandwhich and I was GOOD TO GO !  Needless to 
          say I figured out what the ice cream was for.  My 
          lips stopped burning after a couple of hours, I'll 
          be back.
          If your ever in the area put Dixies at the top of 
          your list.