[CH] The value of rubber gloves

Michael Schapansky (michael1@bga.com)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 20:31:01 -0500

I've been chopping or roasting or peeling and eating Chile's since I've been
cooking. This has gone on for a while now and I think I know my way around a
knife and cutting board.  I don't ever use rubber gloves.  Never needed
them.  I don't have any skin reactions to Chile's, not even habanero's.  I
*HAVE* made grievous errors from time to time involving some of my favorite
body parts however.  At those times I wished I'd used a glove box or some
such contraption to handle my peppers.
I've heard tales of people who are unfortunate enough to develop welts or
skin rashes due to coming into contact with some peppers.
My question is, how many of you list members routinely use gloves when
handling peppers?  What happens if you don't?