Re: [CH] The value of rubber gloves

lukasz (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 22:58:53 +1000

Not I said luke in Oz ,up to his armpits in home-made Belizeian
type sauce .Chopped up about 80 Oj Habs this afternoon , Saved
the seeds for propogation (Habs were picked a week Ago).(Need
More info on this method as its one I Have used in the Past)???
although I have had a bad experience with shaking a unsecurely
capped bottle of Insanity ,Eyes face etc and my wife can recall
one case of Hunan Hand where it shouldn't have been ,<g>(my
Hand) her Shouldn't !
My hands should have been more sensitive today as I had a
Bricklayer start building a Retaining wall at home today and i
shifted bricks by hand all day .	
		Luke in OZ