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Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday April 21 
" Cackle, quack, gobble "
A stuffed Chicken is tucked inside a stuffed Duck which is then
tucked into a stuffed Turkey.
Chef Paul Prudholme "noted Cajun Chef"claimed to have been
Turducken since the 60's (balh, blah, blah).
Original Article from the Baltimore Sun (Credit given where
Visited the site mentioned, scrolled thru the recipe and it had
reference to his pepper sauce. Has anybody tasted this stuff??
btw its available from game birds at Double bay in Sydney OZ
that is and they have sold 3 so far which is one more than
Charles Faul of the All Cajun Food Co Franklin Lousiana sold in
his first year 1972 of marketing ,Last year he sold 25,000 for
your Thanksgiving.
Is there a Arabic link to this ? Cajum Mujajaheen?<G>
Saudi Arabian Khouzi has a Stuffed chicken stuffed into a Whole
Lamb,I also seem to have heard of a version where a Camel is the
Ultimate host.
To the left of the article is another . The Bad food Guide with
several Quotes that are of note,

11. There is no such thing as a Good Mexican Resteraunt in
12 there is no such thing as a bad Thai resteraunt in Australia
(though some are less good than others .
13 An Italian waiter can make even a Mexican meal taste better.

My Comments are " The only Mexican restaurant in Coffs Sucks!"
                " Most I've tried are Bloody good ."
		" Not in Coffs Harbour. " 
           	Luke in Oz 
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