[CH] Re: Wall-o-Water and Peppers

Lynn Edwards (ledwards@crl.com)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 22:40:08 -0700

> We used Wall-O-Waters with great success for several years. We planted
> our seeds indoors on February 15, and transplanted on April 15th,
> removing the Wall-O-Waters after our average last frost date of May
> 15th. This gave us an extra month on the growing season.

This is very interesting.  Yet another testimonial for Wall- o-Water.

I've never tried them so can't comment from personal experience.  But I'm
curious.  How do they work?  Why do peppers like them?  I'm a natural skeptic and
need plausible reasons before accepting any extrodinary claims.

Please don't give me the "stores heat during the day" and "releases it all night
long" story because I have a thermometer and can easily show that water cools to
ambient very quickly (within minutes) when the sun goes down.  So whats the
story?  I find WoW's claims to be suspicious.

I don't mind being wrong.  Feel free to correct me.

Lynn Edwards