[CH] Hot Sauce Tasting

Richard A. Williams (croaker@earthlink.net)
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 00:39:01 -0700

I was given a bottle of hot sauce tonight, the result of winning a chili
cookoff at work. So I thought I would share my impressions.

The sauce: Fire in the Hole, from Tejas Gourmet. Bright red, thin
texture, no obvious chunks of peppers.

Ingredients:Chile Habanero, vinegar, salt, onion. Hmm, looks promising.
Lessee, says "Extremely hot". O.K., lets crack it open...

Nose: Slap you in the face vinegar smell, none of that wonderful hab
smell we all lust for...This could get ugly.

Taste: Heavily salted vinegar, no hab taste at all. Ugh.

Heat level: Non-existent. That's right, no detectable heat. Maybe they
waved a withered, puny hab past a 1000 gallon tank of this "hot" sauce,
then again, maybe they didn't...

One word review: YUCK!

This one is going down the drain, folks. If I had paid some of my
hard-earned for this, I would be angry. I'm quite annoyed that they took
the name of El Grande in vain, and will mutter curses and maledictions
as I dump it down the drain.

Excuse me, I need a spoonfull of Matouk's to get this nasty taste out of
my mouth...