Re: [CH] Possums

Michael Bailes (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 19:00:24 +1000

At 3:57 PM +1000 23/4/98, Malcolm Fear wrote:
>I live in Sydney, Australia on the edge of the National Park.
>My chiles, leaves, stems and fruit are being eaten by possums. I have
>witnessed this (it is not emus).
>Any suggestions for a deterrent??
Have you tried spraying your plants with Quassia ?
They are very bitter and it is said to deter possums.
You may have to spray every night for a few days until they get the message.
Quassia is cheap though
We sell 100 grams of chips -  enough for several gallons of spray - for  $5.
TFG newsletter 4 has a an article on Quassia

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