Re: [CH] Walls of Water

Michael Bailes (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 18:35:56 +1000

At 1:18 PM +1000 25/4/98, Doug Goldenberg wrote:
>>This is very interesting.  Yet another testimonial for Wall- o-Water.
>>How do they work?  Why do peppers like them?  
>>Lynn Edwards
>Having a wall 'o water around something sets up an energetic flux which is
>due to the dipolar electromagnetic variations inherent in the crystalline
>structure.  These energetic fluxes are known to spin in an invisible
>tornado-like pattern.  Unfortunately, modern technological devices have yet
>to detect these fluxes, while certain members of the right-wing overlord
>faction continue to supress this knowledge.  The peppers are benefited when
>the whirling fluxes push out negative mental energies caused by unknown
I know . . . I know (said in Faulty Towers voice)

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