[CH] Re: What you do...thought you was retarded .retired! Sorry!

Ed Calvert (lordcalvert@worldnet.att.net)
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 11:43:41 -0400

ouch!! OOOOOH!   ERRRK!
Hope you forget u got Hun.Hands and go peepee!
Actually had to add several squits of " Jump Up and Kiss me " before it
came out real tasty! Bothers the hell outa those @ work,seeing me eat this
sorta stuff. I have a mild Hyhat. Hernia, and of course, I hear evrything
after the 1st bite[lock-up]. I take a Pepcid 120 about 15min before, helps
sometimes.Wonder if any med types out on digest has any suggestions. Other
than GIIIIIIVE  IIIITTTT UUUUUP!.DONT want to hear that.
BTW: NO haVE still not heard from our friend.
BTW2: Better Homes & GArdens has a mag. out in the "Simply Perfect" series
called HOT & SPICY. 125 recipes. Hadda buy it. some very interesting
I did mention about the Food Section of the Tampa Trib this week? Couple of
pages all about hot sauces. Leaned more towards the "Super Cap" styles and
suppliers. Funny, Never did mention our own Captn Sleepy, though. Called the
main person a HOTHEAD instead o' Chilehead...diffference now? Catagories of
Chileheads?? Guess there really are different cat. of us, eh?
Now THERE is a train of thought! make a list of sauces that fall into about
4-5 diff. categories. like P<<<-like, to GAWK!!! That's HOT!
HEHEH When a person chooses the vast majority of sauces outa one set, then
he/she would be considered a "Class A/B/C/D/E Chilehead"
Of course , would have to figure out how to be P.C and cause no
Oh well, Doug, here I go agin :^/
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Subject: What you do...thought you was retarded .retired! Sorry!

>Youall there? Notice the suthin slang, boy??? y'all get that from a
>STILL CANUCK!!! How are ya, thought that you had got caught in a Tornado
>of Hurricane Hazel...remember? We were in Ottawa then in the R.C.A.F.
>where I was a photographer! Not the weather guys, who dint no a small
>breeze from a Himacame! Anyway, enuf insults, how the heck are you and
>what happened to Edith, she go back to the Netherlands? (That should
>cause a flurry!) Your dinner at work sounded almost edible, why dont you
>post it on the network so everybody can have it? Tonight I did Rael's
>etouffe, but I cheated and went to the Prudhomme Family Cookbook, and
>checked out their etouffe(smothered rice)A little different from Raels,
>but then he was under stress, all those young gals around that handsome
>young bod! Us old codgers remember! I posted a really good recipe for a
>chutney on the list tonight...why dont you post that meal of yours?
>Cheers, Doug in BC