[CH] wild rhubarb +

Mon, 27 Apr 98 7:56:39 CET

 Tents in the clouds : the first women's Himalayan expedition / by Monica 	
 Jackson and Elizabeth Stark, 1957 [!]

" ... where wild rhubarb grew plentifully. As soon as the tents were put up 
all hands fell to picking the rhubard. We asked Mingma [the sirdar] to stew 
us some for supper. He did so, but he also gave us some prepared Sherpa-
fashion - chopped up raw and mixed with salt, chillies and yak's milk cottage-
cheese. Either way, it was delicious."

Anybody know where to get hold of some yak's milk cottage-cheese (west of the 
Himalayas that is)?
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