Fw: [CH] Banning possums

Gil White (gilbert.white@sympatico.ca)
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 23:26:15 -0400

According to one of the characters in a Spider Robinson novel, it has to be
the urine from a meat eater.  Vegetarian urine doesn't keep squat away, even
when heavily laced with chiles.


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Subject: [CH] Banning possums

>This will work.  Haven't had experience with the coyote thing, but read (in
>Organic Gardening) a number of years ago, that the same is true of human
>urine.  Being besieged by racoons in the corn patch at the time, I went out
>on a dark night ........ and the racoon damage ceased.
>Actually, I am envious of the person with the problem because I now have
>just a small raised bed for a few chiles and a few other plants.
>Running on chile power, Frank
>>Reply-To: Andie Paysinger <asenji@earthlink.net>
>>There is a "product" made for training dogs - it is coyote urine
>>scent.   A few drops scattered along the perimeter of your garden will
>>scare off possums (and other garden pests like rabbits and even deer).
>>The scent is strong when you first apply it but fades into the
>>background within a day (to human noses).  However it is pretty potent
>>stuff and will last even through a fairly heavy rain.
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