[CH] Pregnancy and Chiles

Robert & Deborah Thompson (DThompson@kimbanet.com)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:41:12 -0400

Well, as the Mom of a happy 18-month old, I asked about any possible
drawbacks of hot foods when I was doing a prenatal visit, and the
obstitrician's comment was "Well, if it was a problem you'd be hearing
about it from countries where hot foods are the norm (good point)". (I
live in Southern Virginia - we're a little backward around here. You say
pepper and they say "White or Black?" -as in peppercorns. I know y'all
have heard of them.) But I was really enjoying hot Buffalo Wings before
I got pregnant and was afraid I wouldn't be able to eat them. Ended up I
couldn't stand the CHICKEN for the whole pregnancy. The good news is
that these weird food quirks clear up just as soon as you deliver that
little bundle of joy so fear not, and hang in there (though it might
affect your breast milk - you and Little One have to sort that out
between yourselves - s/he may like it a little spicy). I just gave my
little one a piece of roast chicken dipped in hot sauce - she carefully
sucked all the hot sauce off the piece of chicken, then fed the chicken
to the dog. Hmmm, that's my girl!   -Deborah Thompson

>> Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 14:46:54 -0700
From: "Marilyn.Ceranski" <Marilyn.Ceranski@wcomwireless.com>
Subject: [CH] I'm back

        I've really missed you all!  Just thought I'd send a quickie and
say that I'm back!  A new job in September with more extra hours than
I've ever worked before prevented me from having the uumph to read
chile-heads every night when I got home.  Of course, being about 4
months pregnant hasn't been draining on my energy level either...
        I do have a question for the group, though.  Has anyone ever
found that they've lost their desire/taste for the extremely hot
foods/sauces while pregnant?  I really hope it isn't permanent, but I'd
feel better if I knew that others have had temporary setbacks.  Maybe
that's why I couldn't bring myself to read the list...
        Anyway, I'm happy to go back into my dormant, but attentive,
status, and felt obligated to at least say something!  I have the
subscription coming to work now, so I can read it piece by piece as I
have time.  What a great compromise!  If anyone can reassure me about
the hot stuff, or lack thereof, I'll be a happy camper!
        Carry on!!!  This list is still the best!!!

- -Marilyn Ceranski